This list summarizes the basic patrol equipment needed for a typical 3 day (Fri, Sat, Sun.) warm-weather weekend backpacking trip from April to October. Note that this is only a guideline – it must be tailored for each individual trek based on the destination and expected weather. The list minimizes weight and needless duplication. Bring everything you need, but bring only those things you’ll use.


_____ Tents (2-man best)
_____ Ground Cloths (3 mil poly cut 1-2” smaller than tent)

Tents should be split between two Scouts – First Scout takes the actual tent, while the Second takes the poles, rain-fly, tent-stakes and ground cloth.


_____ 2 1/2 Gallon Collapsible Water Jug (1/Patrol)
_____ Giardia-type water filter(purifier) or bottle of chemical purification tablets



_____ Food (emphasizing one-pot meals, easy-prep, mostly dehydrated items)
_____ Abbreviated Cook-kits (1/Patrol) – Take only what is needed!
_____ Abbreviated Utensil Kits (1/Patrol) – Take only what is needed!
_____ Backpacking Stoves (2/Patrol)
_____ Fuel (1 pint per stove per cooked meal), in proper fuel bottles
_____ Water free hand cleaner-alcohol based(for all – 1 /Patrol)
_____ Bic Lighters, full, in good working order (2/Troop)


_____ Small bottle biodegradable soap (“Campsuds” or equivalent; 1 for entire Troop)
_____ Plastic Scrubbies (1/Patrol) and SS Pads (2/Patrol)
_____ Powdered or Tablet HTH or equivalent (disinfectant rinse; 1 for entire Troop)
_____ Small Drying Tarp-plastic (1/Patrol)


_____ First Aid Kits (2/Troop), non-duplicative, emphasizing foot care items
_____ Heavy-Duty Sash-type reclosable Trash Bags (2/Patrol)
_____ Detailed Maps (2/Troop)
_____ “Possibles/Repair” Kits (2/Troop), non-duplicative, for backpack, stove and tent repairs
_____ Toilet Paper (1 roll/Patrol, packed in plastic) and a “Backpacker’s Shovel” (1/Troop)

Optional (by weather/locale):

_____ Bear Bags (1/Patrol)
_____ Bear Bag Rope (1/Troop)
_____ Backpacker’s Tarp (with all required equipment; 1/Patrol)
_____ Lightweight Weather-Band Receiver

Optional (by choice):

_____ Fold-up Bow-Saw (1/Troop)
_____ Game/Activity Materials
_____ Backpacker’s Lantern, with spare mantle

Assigned Items to be brought by Scouts/Adults (Item/Scout’s or Adult’s Name):

Alarm Clock (Wristwatch) # 1 __________________________________________________
Alarm Clock (Wristwatch) # 2 __________________________________________________
Backpacker’s Binoculars (Optional) __________________________________________________
Camera # 1/Film __________________________________________________
Camera # 2/Film __________________________________________________
Compass # 1 __________________________________________________
Compass # 2 __________________________________________________
Diary Materials (Optional) __________________________________________________
Knife # 1 __________________________________________________
Knife # 2 __________________________________________________
Whistle # 1 __________________________________________________
Whistle # 2 __________________________________________________
Wilderness Survival Kit(s) (Optional, if “exploring” from the campsite will be allowed) __________________________________________________